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Dealing with Psychological Causes of Male Sexual Dysfunction

Some causes lead to male sexual dysfunction. They can be psychological, physiological, or a combination of both. This is a disease whose effects are adverse, and not just for the man. His partner also gets affected, as they shall no longer engage in the sexual act as well as they ought to be. In case you happen to suffer from this disease because of psychological reasons, you stand a better chance of recovering, since there is no damage to your physiological composition. As long as you are healthy, some treatment options shall help get you back up with time. Find more at
The psychological causes of male sexual dysfunction cover some areas. Low self-esteem is one of them. Those who do not feel sufficient self-confidence are at a higher risk of having these issues.
Anxiety is another cause. When one cannot think of anything else apart from their sexual performance, chances are they will not perform as well anyway. If the dysfunction happened some time back, the resultant anxiety would keep hindering any progress away from it. This then becomes a vicious cycle where the anxiety feeds on itself and keeps growing, thus affecting you more.
Those who are depressed can also have this condition. In treating depression, some anti-depressants can hinder normal sexual function in men.
The emotional status of the relationship is also another cause. Those who find themselves in a tense, non-supportive relationship filled with conflicts both subtle and overt are not in a right place to perform sexually, and will most likely have the dysfunction.
Carrying around a lot of stress about work or your financial state is also another cause.
There is also the psychological implications of the physiological types of sexual dysfunction. If one has experienced such dysfunction due to poor health or any other physical condition, processing it mentally could lead to more dysfunction, due to the anxiety and fear that such a case comes with.
When treating such psychological causes, counseling has been found to be the best course of action. Some qualified counselors and therapists can take up such cases and help the patients recover. On top of this, there is also the proper management of stress. In it, there shall be the promotion of all activities that can help lower the level of stress one carries. Exercising is seen as a great way to go about this. Exercise shall lead to the release of endorphins in the body, apart from its many physical benefits. These chemicals help you to feel good and also lead to the release of sex hormones. Therefore when combined with counseling, one shall be on the right path to recovery. Visit now.
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